The Extern Vocation

An Extern Sister is called to serve the contemplative community in a distinctive way, in order to help the enclosed nuns live their calling more intensely. She is called by God through her Profession of the religious vows to consecrate herself totally to the Lord and join the Teresian Carmel, whose charism she shares. Extern Sisters follow the same Rule and Constitutions as the Nuns but they are not enclosed.  They have more direct contact with people. Their spirit is the same, but expressed in a different way.  They are free to take care of the exterior areas of the monastery, helping in the Chapel, greeting visitors and doing shopping etc when necessary. When not engaged in this work, they live within the enclosure, sharing prayer and community life together.

As for every Carmelite, an Extern Sister’s day is lived in the company of Jesus. Her service is a concrete expression of her love of God and others. If you are a committed single Catholic woman, and you recognise in this vocation the answer to the desires of your heart, we welcome you to contact us for more information.

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