Carmelite CrestCarmelite Monastery of Christ the King
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Community Life

Sisters at Recreation We are a family of sisters, loving and supporting each other in our journey towards union with God, willingly placing our gifts and talents at the service of the community.

Two periods of recreation during the day when we come together to relax and talk, unite us all in a spirit of joyous sharing and help provide the balance needed in a lifeSisters examining Globe devoted to prayer.


5:30am         Rise

6:00am         Morning Prayer (Divine Office) followed by 1 hour silent prayerRinging the Bell

7:15am         Breakfast, followed by Work

8:10am         Mass bell – Prayer  at 8:20am

8:30am         Mass preceded by Prayer Before  Noon (Divine Office)

9:20am         Work

11:00am       Midday Prayer (Divine Office)

11:20am       Dinner

12 noon        Recreation

1:00pm         Work , Study or Rest -  in Solitude

2:00pm         Spiritual Reading

2:45pm         Afternoon Prayer (Divine Office)

3:00pm         Work

4:30pm         Evening Prayer (Divine Office)

5:00pm         Silent Prayer

6:00pm         Supper

6:40pm         Recreation

7:45pm         End of Recreation 

8:00pm         Night Prayer followed by Office of Readings (Divine Office)

                    Followed by time for reading, study etc