Canonical Enclosure

On June 4, 1933, the ceremony of enclosure took place. After the Blessing of the newly-erected chapel, which was packed with people for this unique event, theChapel in 1933 Bishop and a long line of priests walked in procession with the six nuns from the chapel, through a throng of more than five hundred waiting outside in the grounds in the pouring rain. The impression made on the sisters was of a vast sea of umbrellas! Having arrived at the cloister door they knelt to receive the blessing of their deeply-moved Bishop, who then presented the keys to Mother Anne, who with the sisters, crossed the threshold and locked the door from the inside. The Canonical Enclosure and solemn inauguration of the Carmelite Monastery of Christ the King had been completed.

The Bishop and priests then returned to the chapel where with the sisters, now on their own side of the grille, they all joined in a jubilant ‘Te Deum’ of thanksgiving to God. Bishop Brodie then delivered a moving address, explaining the nature and purpose of the enclosed Carmelite life. His own saintly heart overflowed and there were few dry eyes in that large congregation, as they shared his sentiments and hopes for this little Carmel, now very much a part of the local Church. The joy and gratitude of the sisters as they now took up their regular life knew no bounds ...

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