Carmelite CrestCarmelite Monastery of Christ the King
Christchurch, New Zealand

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The Carmelite Order traces its origin to a group of 13th century hermits who lived on Mt Carmel in the Holy Land. Taking the Blessed Virgin Mary as their Mother and Patroness, they dedicated themselves to a life of prayer and contemplation in solitude and silence. The Order later spread to Europe and the first monasteries of nuns were founded in the 15th century.

Mt Carmel
St Teresa of Jesus

In 1562, St Teresa of Avila adapted the Carmelite Rule for the renewed form of Carmelite life which she began at St Joseph's Avila.

Carmelite nuns today regard St Teresa as their spiritual mother and foundress and like the early hermits strive to live in complete dedication to God with Mary as our model in the ways of prayer.