Carmelite Monastery of Christ the King
Christchurch, New Zealand

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World Youth Day Pilgrims Visit Our Carmel

On Monday 7 July we were delighted to meet the first World Youth Day Pilgrims to visit our Carmel,
a group from the Diocese of Sacramento in the United States of America.

L-R: Meghann, David, Jonathon, Fr Avram, Anna and Karen.

First Pilgrims

Pilgrims from Texas On Friday 11th July our Carmel hosted more than 40 Pilgrims from Fort Worth Diocese in Texas.  The 8:30am Mass was celebrated by our Parish's assistant Priest Father Roger Yarte together with Father Hoa Nguyen from Fort Worth.  Afterwards we met these wonderful young people in our Visitors' Room.
pilgrims pilgrim Brian and Rob