Carmelite Monastery of Christ the King
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Youth Mass Testimonies

My testimony about Carmel Youth Mass

I found the Youth Mass at Carmelites an awesome experience. When I went in to the chapel just as Mass was about to start thinking that their would be a seat for me at the back of the chapel I was amazed that there were people flowing out of the back of the chapel the foyer wawas full and people were outside. I was amazed to see how many people had come to celebrate Mass with a group of fantastic nuns who could not leave their home. Afterwards talking to the sisters was a great joy since they were interested in me and what was going on in my life. They had such wonderful joy and peace within them that it was hard not to catch. I really admire these nuns for who they are and what they do for the church, I hope and pray that what ever state of life I am meant to aspire to that I will have the same joy and peace they do.


" It is up to us to offer what we can, up to Him to supply what we cannot" Saint Jerome


Wow, the second Carmel Youth Mass I've been to and the biggest yet. So many youth and community gathered, post- World Youth Day '08, to join in the Mass with the Carmelite Sisters in their chapel. So many people, that the chapel was bulging to the seams! Fr John Adams celebrated the Mass - The Triumph of the Cross- and all there joined in beautifully with the music group leading the songs. I especially liked singing the World Youth Day liturgical songs again, as the last time I sung them was in Sydney for World Youth Day itself. 

After the Mass, many people stayed for supper and a special celebration: the Carmelite Monastery's 75th Anniversary of foundation. Two beautiful cakes were presented to the Carmelites, complete with candles, and were shared amongst the guests and the Sisters. There was plenty of food to be eaten while a special video presentation of World Youth Day played in the supper room. Meanwhile, many people took the opportunity to visit the Sisters, chat with them and demonstrate their creative ways of saying goodbye! ;) St Paul's, Dallington, showing that their youth group was full of joy to one of their own - Sister Cushla. Tidying was made light with many hands helping. Special thanks to all who helped willingly with cleaning up the dishes and food after the supper, and Mary Carshalton who organised the supper.

The entire night had the same feel of unity and the same youthful spirit that was present at World Youth Day which I am so glad I could share in. Thank you Carmelite Sisters!

Frances Ogier